Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Year of the Bath Remodel

Yes, this year has been a year of renovating bathrooms. Having completed 12 beautiful rooms and working on several more in the design stages, the question has come up - why are baths so in demand? I think there are probably many answers to that question. It could be the economy, the desire to do something in the home, the current design changes exposed on TV programs like HGTV, and others. Candace Olson from HGTV says," Renovating a bathroom is a balancing act between making the space more useful and aesthetically pleasing." Taking into account all of the mechanical issues with plumbing & electrical and the design elements like the cabinetry, tile & light fixtures, bathrooms are the most complex and can be the most expensive to renovate per square foot but bring the best return value per invested dollar - often 90% or more in resale value. The bath can be the most specialized and personalized rooms, from the high end Powder Bath, to the Main Bath for the growing family, to the spa elements in the Master Bath. According to Olson, " the planning, material and fixture selections are made to reflect the unique needs of each situation." I specialize in the design, product selection, budgeting, project coordination - bringing in all of the necessary professional tradesmen, & project management - overseeing the entire project from start to completion. Bath renovations though involved projects can bring renewed comfort and enjoyment to the home. Join the many and let's dive into your bath needs!